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We have been and will continue to monitor news and recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionOREGON.GOV, and are closely following updates published by our county and city health officials.  As we have always done, we regularly disinfect all common areas, tools, and surfaces with appropriate cleaning solutions.  If directed to close by any of the agencies mentioned above, we will do so immediately.

For the time being we will remain open and as always will prioritize the safety for our clients and staff by taking every precaution to guarantee that our lash studio is disinfected, cleaned, and ready for your visit.
Our standard opperating procedures require that after every guest our Lash Technicians:
  • Wash their hands
  • Disinfect table, trolley, lash boards, door knobs, common area
  • Sterilize forceps and other tools with EPA registered barbicide
  • Use vinyl gloves throughout treatment

During this time of increased concern we have taken the following additional preventative measures including:

Our Clients

  • COVID-19 Health Statement will be emailed to you to e-sign prior to your appointment.  In addition,  we will ask your  health condition and take your temperature at your appointment  right before the service.
  • Face coverage is must. We will provide each client with their own N95 face mask for their appointment (see details below).
  • We ask that our clients wash their hands as soon as they enter the facility.
  • We are serving a maximum of 2 clients at the time.  Please wait outside until we welcome you in.
  • Do not bring 3rd parties such as your children and friends to your appointment
  • Do not come in if you or anyone in your family or household are feeling ill.
  • Bring minimum belongings.
  • Our technicians are not forced to work during these times.  Hours will be limited.  Please understand if we need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  • We will not be charging cancellation fees at this time.
  • Please bring a mask or towel to cover face during session.
  • No cash. Please make sure you have a valid credit card on file with us.

Our Employees

  • If showing any signs of sickness employees will stay home.
  • Employees will wash and sanitize hands repeatedly throughout the day including immediately before and after a service is completed.
  • During service employees will wear gloves, mask, and eye protection.
  • Everyone avoids shaking hands and any kind of physical contact.
  • All employees have the final decision on whether or not to perform a service on a client.

For the time being we will remain open for limited business.  This situation is fluid and subject to change at a moments notice.

We will be charging a PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) fee Fee $5 from 8/1.  $5 will automatically be added at checkout.  

What is this $5 for?

  • We will provide an individually packed disposable N95 mask for each client. 1 mask for 1 appointment.
  • We continue to perform required and recommended cleaning between each client to receive safe service.
  • We provide a safe and comfortable environment to our lash technicians to keep lashing so they can  deliver the best results.

Can I reuse the mask that I got for my next appointment to avoid this fee? 

  • No, we recommend discarding the mask at the studio before you leave.  The purpose of providing a new mask is to prevent  COVID-19 coming in and also going out.

Will this fee get removed in the future? 

  • Yes, once we can ensure the safety of our community and determine these extra protections are no longer needed, we will discontinue this fee.

Can I bring my mask if I have a N95 or better mask than what Lash Club can provide? 

  • We understand if you only trust your own mask.  You can keep your own mask on but also have to wear a mask we provide over your own mask and $5 will still be applied.

Please understand that this fee is to cover the cost of essential equipment for us to provide a safe service to our lash loving clients, to provide a safe work environment for our lash technicians and for the business to survive during COVID-19 pandemics. Dear clients, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) fee $5 will automatically be added at check out from 8/1.  As a part of this fee, we will provide an individually packed disposable N95 mask for each client.  Please visit our COVID-19 update page to see more details. Thank you.