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  • Client must be over 18
  • No 3rd parties/guests in-studio
  • Please read COVID-19 update and Cancellation Policy
  • Masks still required (updated 4/21/23)

How do eyelash extensions work?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement that involves attaching synthetic hair fibers to the natural eyelashes to create a fuller and longer dramatic look. There are a variety of curls, lengths, diameters, designs available to create the custom look. They can be very natural or very dramatic.

We offer a variety of eyelash services! Let’s find a good service that fits your expectations, time, and budget. Clients from other salons are always welcome. No extra charge for foreign lashes. We do not require a full set as your first appointment. You can start as little as 30min session.

Visual Guide

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Eyelash Extensions

Full Set 

  • Covers 90% of your natural lashes
  • Last 4-6 weeks
  • Application time is 2h30-3h
  • Type: Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume

Partial Set (30min, 60min and 90min)

  • 30min Partial Set covers 15% of natural lashes and lasts about 10-14 days. Highlighter to your natural lashes.  
  • 60min Partial Set covers 40% of natural lashes and lasts about 2-3 weeks. A good first time appointment. 
  • 90min Partial Set covers about 70% of natural lashes and lasts about 3-4 weeks.

Lash Refill (30min, 60min and 90min)

  • 30min is for a quick touch up session for less than 2 weeks 
  • 60min session is recommended for 2-3 weeks refill
  • 90min session is recommended for 3-4 weeks refill

Lash Assessment

Step 1: Lash Type

Lash Type controls the overall FULLNESS of your extensions. The most natural is Classic and the most dramatic is Mega Volume.

Step 2: Lash Design

Lash Design decides the SHAPE of lashes. Each design has an emphasized area to compliment clients’ eyes and faces.

Step 3: Curls, Lengths and Diameters

We take clients’ natural lashes in consideration when we choose curls, lengths and diameters. Everyone’s natural lashes are different. It is important to choose the suitable curls, lengths and diameters that is HEALTHY to apply yet creates the desirable look.

After Your Appointment

Enjoy your lashes! Our natural lashes grow and shed naturally every 30-60 days. You will see 1-3 lashes falling everyday, extensions attached. The overall look will slowly get thinner and they will all fall off eventually. If you love the look and would like to keep the look, we recommend regular refill appointments.

60 min Session for every 2-3 weeks.
90 min session for every 3-4 weeks.

What is a Lash Lift?

Lash Lift is the service to get your natural lashes curled up semi-permanently with the perming solution. The result will last about 6-8 weeks. This service works great for clients:

  • Who have mid-long natural lashes
  • Who are looking for very natural outcome
  • Who like low maintenance

Top 5 FAQs

Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

NO, when it is done correctly, extensions don’t damage the natural lashes. Extensions should be attached individually 1-2 mm away from the lash line with the proper amount of adhesive. Extensions fall off along with natural lashes following its 30-60 days natural growth and shedding cycle. It is normal to see 1-3 lashes falling off.

How long does it last?

Lash Club Full Set covers 90% of natural lashes, therefore, it should last about 4-6 weeks. 90 min session covers 70% of natural lashes and it should last about 3-4 weeks. 60 min session covers 30% of natural lashes and it should last about 2-3 weeks. “Last” means it will take that amount of time to lose all extensions. It is normal to see 1-3 lashes falling every day.

What if I have an allergic reaction?

It is rare but it happens. Please contact the business to determine if it is an allergic reaction or chemical reaction first. We offer complimentary lash removal upon clients’ request. No refund for the service.

Do I need to receive a full set as my first appointment?

No. It is totally up to you. We have 30min, 60min, 90min and a full set (2h30) appointment. The longer the appointment you have, the more extensions we can apply, therefore, they will last longer. If it is your first time getting lashes, we recommend a 60 min session as a tryout experience. If you already have lashes from other salons, you do not need to remove your existing lashes. We can refill over foreign lashes.

Should I get lash extensions or lash lift?

Extensions and lash lifts are both very good lash enhancement service. Benefits for extensions are : (1) easy to customize (2) can create the look you like by using different curls, lengths and diameters (3) easy to undone if you don’t like it. Benefits for lash lift are: (1) Easy aftercare (2) Less likely to have irritation and reaction to the products (3) Cost friendly.

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