Lash Library

Lash Extension Techniques

Classic Lash Extensions

1 extension on top of 1 natural lash

This application method is known as the basic individual lash extensions. Recommended for lash beginner. It creates very natural but enhancing look. Easier to clean and maintain.

Volume Lash Extensions

Multiple extensions on top of 1 natural lash

Multiple extensions can be described as “2D” through "9D”.
2D is 2 extensions on top of 1 natural lash, while 9D is 9 extensions on top of 1 natural lash. 3D-5D is the most popular number for volume extensions.  5D-9D is called “Mega Volume” and creates very dramatic look but not recommended for very short and fine natural lashes. We use very fine silk (synthetic) extensions (0.04mm-0.10mm) that are very light weight and soft touch for our volume application. Volume application lasts about 20% longer than classic application

Lash Extension Curls

Straight base and slight lift at the tip of extensions. Creates the “I naturally have beautiful lashes” look.  Not recommended for clients who's natural lashes are growing downward.

Mild curl. Creates “Mascara” look. Good start for lash beginner and fit almost any design and eye shape.

Mild curve base with curly upward lift. The most popular curl for an event and vacation.  Recommended to clients who have monolids and deeper set of eyes

Super curl. Curls up from the base. Great for monolids and deeper set of eyes. Not necessarily “hold-well” extensions and need extra care.

Straight base with straight upward curls. These extensions will attach well with straight natural lashes without twisting and curling down. Clients must have straight natural lashes to try this curl.

Straight base with dolly curl. This curl is good for clients who have straight natural lashes and want to have a soft charming look but not "too much."

Lash Extension Designs

Longer extensions placed ½ outer corner for “wing” look. Great for clients who have close set eyes.

Longer lashes placed center of eyes. Works great for any type of eye shape. Highly recommended for clients who have monolids and deeper set of eyes. This design creates darker and fuller dramatic look.

Place only shorter extensions (8mm and 10mm) to create darker and fuller look. Recommended for clients who have big open eyes and not looking for the length. Longer extensions can be too much for some clients who wear glasses.

Modification design from “Cute”. Place thick and long extensions as an accent. Very fun design but not necessary natural looking.

Lash Extension Thickness

lash extension length

0.04 Mega Volume, use 5-9 extensions to creates the biggest soft look
0.05 - 0.10 Volume, use 3-5 extneions to creats fuller look
0.15 Classic, the closet thickness to our natural lashes
0.2 Classic, good enhancement look, the most popular size
0.25 Classic, a good mix extensions to 0.15 and 0.2 to creats darker look

Lash Extension Length

Lash extension length

6mm Extensions for baby lashes.
8mm Extensions for fine and small growing lashes. Darker lash line maker. Covers 50% of natural lashes.
10mm Extensions for growing out lashes. Volume filler. Covers 30% of natural lashes.
12mm Extensions for resting stage natural lashes. Lift and wing maker. Covers 20% of natural lashes.
14mm Extra glam.