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New Client Special

Your choice of Classic, Mega Classic or Hybrid. Up to 30% off


Lash Club is Portland, Oregon’s premier individual eyelash extensions studio since 2015. Our experienced lash technicians are ready to create your custom look! Lashes are what we love, what we know and what we do the best!


Eyelash Extensions


  • 1 extension on top of 1 natural lash
  • Very natural outcome
  • Easy to take care




  • Multiple eyelash extensions on top of 1 natural lash in a stick figure.
  • Darker look than regular classic extensions 
  • Better retention


  • 50/50 mix of Classic and Volume application 
  • More than your natural lashes but still natural outcome
  • Can create the custom look


  • Multiple extensions (3-6) on top of 1 natural lash 
  • Soft and fluffy touch 
  • Easy to customize


  • Multiple extensions (7-15) on top of 1 natural lash 
  • Feather fluffy 
  • Dark and drama but not heavy 

Natural Enhancements


Woman with Lash Lift

Lash Lift

  • Natural lashes will have nice curls
  • Lasts 6-8 weeks
  • Easy to take care

Lash Tint

  • Product dye the natural lashes to darker color
  • Color lasts about 2-4 weeks


Picture of model with Eyelash lift and tint and eyebrow lamination and tint

Brow Lamination

  • Brow hairs will stay in the direction you desire
  • It will last about 6-8 weeks

Brow Tint

  • Dye natural hair to a darker color
  • It will last about 4 weeks

Brow Wax

  • Shape brows by removing unwanted hair
  • We use soft wax


First Time at Lash Club 

Clients must be over 18 years old.
We will contact you about this after your appointment is accepted.
Come to your appointment with clean ( free from beauty products) and non-curled lashes. Cleaning lashes is NOT a part of your appointment. Dirty lashes may result in ineffectiveness of products and poor retention.

Cancellation Policy

Minimum 24 hours notification for cancellation of any service is required. If you are not able to keep your scheduled appointment time with Lash Club do not give us 24hours notice, you will be responsible for making the payment, 50% of the service scheduled as a missed appointment fee. Lash Club will not accept any future appointments until the balance is fully paid.  Emergency happens. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, TEXT anytime.

Late Arrival 

Tardiness may result in a shortened appointment.  Clients will be responsible for making the payment of what they booked.  Please be on time to begin your appointment.


Lash Club will accept Cash, Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery) and Apple Pay. No Personal Check, Traverler’s Check, money order and Venmo.

No Third Parties Please

Because of space limitations and respect for other clients, we ask that you don’t bring guests (human or animal) to your appointment.

COVID-19 Update

We require a mask to wear inside of our studio (as of 12/2022)


If you experience uncomfortableness around your eye area after receiving the service, please contact Lash Club within 5 days.  If it is necessary, we will perform the full removal of eyelash extensions at the earliest appointment at no coat. No refund will be processed.
Gratuity is not included in the cost of any given service.  Industry standard is 15-25%.
Eyelash extension example
Eyelash extension example
Eyelash extension example
Eyelash extension example

Lash Technicians

At Lash Club, we understand the importance of safe eyelash extension application and a healthy beauty routine. Our lash technicians go through an extensive training process to become experts on the lash services we offer. Hours of training exclusively dedicated to lash training are provided for new lash artists before they can officially see clients. It is our mission to provide the same high level of quality to each of our clients. Lash services have been our primary and dedicated focus since 2014; we will continue to educate ourselves in the newest trends and specialize in the beauty of lash artistry.

Photo of Yuko
Master Certified Technician



I am originally from Japan and have been living in the U.S for over a decade. My husband and I relocated to Portland in 2015, and enjoy exploring the outdoors and trying out new food. Fusion food, well thought out and well made, is my favorite. I like to slow things down on my day off. Life has been too busy and every moment is passing by too quick! Giving myself an extra minute to adore my son’s smile reminds me to appreciate the life I have.


NovaLash Certified

Ali - Eyelash Extension Technician
Master Certified Technician



Ali graduated from Portland Beauty School’s Esthetician Program in 2017, but beauty has been her passion for as long as she can remember. Being a Lash Artist allows Ali to use her knowledge and creativity to help clients look and feel amazing. After working in design/marketing for nearly a decade, Ali took the plunge into the beauty industry, and couldn’t be happier!


NovaLash Certified

Raylee- Lash Club - Certified Lash Technician
Master Certified Technician



Hello, I’m Raylee! I graduated from Northwest College with a study focus in esthetics! I’ve always wanted to make people feel the best about themselves and eyelashes are an amazing way to do that. The eyes are the first feature people notice about you and enhancing them is something I absolutely have a passion for. Lucky for me it also happens to be my job!


NovaLash Certified

Certified Technician



Passionate lash tech dedicated to enhancing clients’ natural beauty, one lash at a time. With an artistic touch and an eye for detail, I create captivating looks that leave clients feeling confident and radiant.


NovaLash Certified


What Our Clients Say

I've been getting my lashes done by Yuko for over 5 years! I only skipped a few months when Covid started but once she reopened I completely trusted that she'd take all precautions. I'm glad to get some normalcy back into my routine and feel safe doing so. Highly recommend!

Kristie A.

Linda has done my eyelashes twice now and it's been amazing! She is so good at what she does! I've had my eyelashes done elsewhere and this was a much better experience. I was impressed by my lash retention and SO happy with the results!

She does a great job of explaining what she's doing and it's painless! Highly recommend her.

Myra H.

I'm a new client to Lash Club, and this place gave me the best lash retention I ever had! I had Erika as my Lash tech. She was super sweet and really was able to achieve the natural classic look I was going for and recommended which curl would look best for my eye shape. She made me feel very calm and relaxed at my appointment. I would highly recommend her!!

Emily N.

Can you say lashes are low maintenance? I never thought so until I came to see RayLee. She does an amazing job, great consult and company. The glue is superior to the rest. Check this girl out! Will update with pics next fill. Love the mini fills too btw. Not quite haggard but could use a little love. So reasonably priced and worth the appointment:)

Missy P.

I've been going to Ali for about 4 months now to get my lashes done and she does the best job! The lashes and lash glue they use at Lash Club work sooo good and last 3 weeks to a month! Ali is always fast and thorough - she makes me look and feel fabulous 🙂

Alex A.

Lash Club is Portland, Oregon’s premier eyelash extension studio.

Our lash services are provided with industry leading products from Novalash, London Lash Pro and Elleebana Lash Lift.  Our experienced lash technicians are ready to create your custom look!

Lash Club PDX

All session by appointment. Clients must be over 18 years old. Credit card information is required for all booking. We will contact you about this after your appointment is accepted.


Southeast Portland

VISIT US: 1428 SE 19th Ave Portland, OR 97214 – Click for Directions

CALL OR TEXT: 503-847-9432

EMAIL: [email protected]